The role of the school governors is to support the school and to make sure that our children have the best education possible.

What we do…

A governing body’s prime function is to ensure that the school improves the education it provides for its pupils.

Governors are required to:

  • take a strategic role in the management of the school
  • act as a critical friend to the headteacher and the school
  • ensure accountability

To achieve this governors have to:

  • receive information about, and be involved in, the analysis of the school’s performance
  • compare results with past performance, national averages and similar schools
  • establish what the school’s strengths and weaknesses are
  • decide the main priorities for improvement
  • set targets and timescales

The governing body have adopted and work to the Westfield Governing Body Code of Conduct.

Structure of the Governing Body

The Full Governing Body currently consists of 4 co-opted Governors, 3 parent Governors, a staff governor and the Head Teacher. We have vacancies for both parent and co-opted Govs to make our complement up to 12.

We have 2 Co Chairs, Emily Sims and Colleen Guy whose main responsibilities in the school are Finance and the School Development Plan (SDP).  Colin Brook has responsibility for monitoring SEND provision in the school while Keith May leads on Safeguarding.  Glenn Robertson is supporting the school with Communication. Other Governors support Finance and the SDP. We do not have a Committee structure. Our Clerk Lynsey McLean Larkin provides support to the Governing Body.

Who we are

Colleen Guy – Co-Chair of Governors

I moved to Westfield in January 2013 from Caterham in Surrey where I was a Governor at Coulsdon 6th Form College and on the Board of a Housing Association. I am now semi retired and still want to be involved in the local community and as a grandparent have a keen interest in education and am passionate about equality for all so our young people reach their full potential.

I became a Co-Opted Governor in September 2015 (office ending September 2019) and look forward to becoming involved with Westfield School.  My professional work is as a business and holistic coach and trainer and have a Masters Degree in HR Strategy and Organisational Development.

Emily Sims – Co-Chair of Governors

I am a Co-Opted governor (until May 2019) and was voted onto the board to begin serving at the beginning of September 2015, and am on the board for premise and finance. Although Co-Opted I am also a parent with my daughter and my son at the school. My background is in finance, although my degree is in psychology, and I’ve previously worked as a Bank Manager for Lloyds Bank reducing my work commitments when I had children. I now work as a senior banking adviser part time.  I wanted to become more involved in the school as I was thrilled my daughter had a place at Westfield and wanted to take the opportunity to be more involved in her schooling and some of the decisions that may effect her future there. Particularly as I have another young daughter who I hope will attend Westfield School.

Colin Brook

I am the retired head of a 6th Form Centre in the London Borough of Bromley. I was educated at University College, London where I graduated with a BSc (Economics) Degree. I taught A levels in Law and Politics. I spent 35 years teaching at Secondary Level.

I became a governor in 2002 and am currently the longest serving Governor, and was the Chair of the Finance Committee. Other positions held are SEN Governor and representing the School at Area Governor Meetings. I am also Chair of the Pay Committee, and serve on the Personnel and Curriculum  Committee. Locally I serve on the Community Hall Management Committee for the School Governors.  My current term of office ends January 2019 and I am a Co-Opted Governor.

Stacey Paine 

I was appointed as a Parent Governor in September 2016.  I currently have three children at the school spreading across all the key stages, this gives me a great insight into the working of the school at all levels. My children’s education is very important to me and so I feel this is a great way to learn more about it myself from a different angle. I work part time running a local holiday rental property and as an admin assistant. I grew up in the village and now raise my own family here, also attending Westfield school myself. The school has been a significant part of my life over the years so being part of it is exciting and interesting.  My office ends in September 2020.

Glenn Robertson

Having grown up in the area, we now live in the Parish and I currently have one daughter in Year 1 with (hopefully) one more joining in September 2017. I am encouraged, motivated and inspired everyday by my own children and what lies ahead for them, so as a School Governor at Westfield I look forward to being able to assist in ensuring that we provide all the children with as much opportunity as possible.

As a local businessman, I am MD of a marketing agency where we serve the needs of global IT and Telecoms brands, strategically planning and executing on Business-to-Business marketing and communications activities.

I am an inventor of a sports product called ‘RESPONSEBALL’ which sells around the world, helping football players and goalkeepers with reaction training, agility and co-ordination. My interest in football and specifically goalkeeper coaching has also led me to support and become President of a football academy in Gambia which uses football as a way of keeping children and young adults safe and away from the temptation of becoming involved in crime, drugs and gang related activity.

I was appointed as a Parent Governor in September 2016 with office ending in September 2020

Sherry-Leigh Thunder

I am a TA3 at Westfield school. I like to be creative at school and at home and enjoy being outside in my garden. I am a proud mum to my 14 year old daughter who came to Westfield school during year 6.
During the 5 years I have been here I worked in reception for 4 years before moving to year 3 and I will now be staying with the class and moving to year 4 with them. I was previously at Silverdale School for 4 years running the inclusion groups for the EYFS.  I am a licensed Thrive practitioner and feel this is a really important part of our school community providing nurture, support and ideas for children to use to help them achieve to their full potential during their day at school.

Keith May

I became a Governor at Westfield School in November 2017 and have a term of office of 4 years.  I am a retired dressage breeder, trainer and rider.  I was a governor at a Grammar School in North Kent for 30 years before retiring.  This included 2 terms as Chair, Chair of various committees as well as responsibility for Safeguarding, SEND & Pupil Premium.  I have also Joined Robertsbridge Community College as a Governor and I am a National Leader of Governance which involves giving advice to Chairs and Governing Bodies of Schools and Colleges.

Tony Hill

I became a Governor at Westfield School in July 2017.  My career experience is long and varied. I started teaching in a London comprehensive (Science up to ‘A’ level chemistry and physics) before moving into the realm of special education where I worked with children with severe behavioural problems in London, Bradford and eventually Hastings. After 22 years I diverted into working with children with additional needs. I was Head of the Education Support Service (East Sussex) supporting children with specific learning difficulties before becoming Head of the Traveller and English as an Additional Language Service across the county. My past interests, outside my work and my family, included long distance running, playing chess, developing skills in photography and designing software. Having worked in education for over 40 years I am now retired (no more marathons!). I currently have 2 grandchildren attending Westfield School. In retirement, my main interests now revolve around my family and enjoying long walks with my young dog.

Register of Interests of the Governing Body


 Name of governor  Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
 Emily Sims Parent of a child in the school.  Employee of Lloyds Bank Banking Nil Sept 2015 May 2019 Sept 2015
Stacey Paine Parent of children in the school.  Nil Sept 2016 Sept 2020 Sept 2016
Glenn Robertson Parent of a child in the school.  MD of Purechannels Ltd. Marketing agency Nil Sept 2016 Sept 2020 Sept 2016
Colin Brook Retired Nil 2002 Jan 2019 Sept 2002
Colleen Guy Retired Nil Sept 2015 Sept 2019 Sept 2015
Tony Hill Retired Nil July 2017 July 2021 July 2017
Matt Jarvis Employee Westfield school Education Nil Sept 2016 Ongoing Sept 2015

Attendance at FGB Meetings

For attendance at FGB meetings, please click the link.