3 River Deep Mountain High

During Terms 5 and 6 we visit Frog Firle Farm to study the River Cuckmere. We learn about the flow of a river and we find out about the animals that live there.

Frog Firle Farm 2014 278 (Custom)  Frog Firle Farm 2014 270 (Custom)  Frog Firle Farm 2014 267 (Custom)  Frog Firle Farm 2014 029 (Custom)

After the visit we enjoy painting watercolour landscapes of the South Downs. We also see if we can make powered watercraft that can travel across the school pond. We enjoy making our own topic books too.

Frog Firle Farm 2014 284 (Custom)  fff3 037 (Small)  Frog Firle Farm 2014 592 (Custom)  Frog Firle Farm 2014 010 (Custom)

We learn about the features of a river and we use atlases to locate rivers and mountains in the United Kingdom and the wider world. During the summer term we work really hard on the Year 6 production. We turn the hall into a stage and we use lighting and sound to wow the audience! At the end of term we have a barbeque to celebrate our time at Westfield School.