2 Alien Arrival

Alien arrival

As our ‘Wow’ Year 5 had ‘Star Gazing Live at Westfield’. Wealdon Astronomical Society brought in their powerful telescopes and we were able to see the moons of Jupiter! We were inspired to research the planets that interested us and we wrote an explanation leaflet about day and night.

DSC00039 (Custom) DSC00053 (Custom)  DSC00076 (Custom) DSC00080 (Custom)

We made up our own alien dance based on ‘Men in Black’ and we wrote our own alien song with the help of Mr Greig. We performed both song and dance to our parents at our ‘Alien Celebration!’ They were very impressed!

IMG_3383 (Custom) IMG_6687 (Custom) IMG_6649 (Custom) IMG_3400 (Custom)

Also, we enjoyed designing and making our own clay aliens. We had to think about their peculiar features and the best way to attach them! Once they were complete, we added the finishing touches by painting them with pearlised paint.

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