1 Ripples

Our first topic in Year 3 is the geography-based ‘Ripples’. Our inspiration for this comes from our own school pond. What could be better than trailing your net through the water and examining and finding out about the curious creatures that lurk beneath the surface?

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As part of this topic the children will:

  • Investigate a pond creature in depth and write a report about it
  • Learn about how traditional stories were a way of trying to make sense of the world. They will then write their own traditional stories to explain how a pond creature came to have one of its curious features
  • Learn about maps and create their own map of the school’s pond area
  • Visit Mallydams and learn about different habitats and the animals that can be found in each one

      year 3 mallydams 201516 002 (Small)  year 3 mallydams 201516 020 (Small)  year 3 mallydams 201516 003 (Small)  year 3 mallydams 201516 017 (Small)

We will also explore colour mixing and printing and collage techniques. We then use everything we’ve learnt to create a watery masterpiece…

artwork 1 (Custom)  artwork 4 (Custom)  artwork 3 (Custom)  artwork 2 (Custom)

The children will learn how different rocks are formed. This is not difficult when you use the marvellous teaching aid…chocolate!

DSC05243 (Custom) (2) DSC05245 (Custom)   DSC05291 (Custom)

The children also help out poor Mr. Mole who has to move house because of a leak. He has the dilemma of not knowing which house to buy so it’s the Year 3 Estate Agents to the rescue! We test different soils to see if any of them are impermeable – we also learn what that word means! We then go on to learn how soil is formed and create individual soil recipes – yum! We test who made the best soil by growing beans.

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You and your child might enjoy doing these activities together on-line:

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