1 Under the Sea

For our WOW we spent a fabulous day at the seaside in Hastings.

First of all, we visited the Blue reef aquarium where we saw lots of amazing creatures including illuminous jellyfish, spiky pufferfish, anemones, stingrays that splashed and waved at us and creatures that are found in rock pools.

Picture1        DSC00612 DSC00603

After that we had lunch on the beach and looked at the traditional fishing boats.

DSC09924    Picture5

It was a terrific day out!

When we got back to school we continued researching under water habitats, the different types of creatures and animals that live in them and what makes them suitable living and growing environments.

Finally, for the second part of our WOW, we created and performed an under the sea dance and music show for our family and friends!

We took inspiration from The Little Mermaid: