At Westfield School, we aim to provide each child with a variety of  P.E. activities which are challenging, enjoyable and accessible. A balanced programme develops and enhances physical, intellectual and social skills.

Underlying all our teaching is the importance of physical fitness and its relationship to a healthy, active lifestyle – we aim to promote a “can do” attitude in all pupils and staff whatever their ability.

Our weekly ‘Run a Mile’ sessions were launched during Sports Relief week where we managed to raise over £4000 in sponsorship for charity. All classes (and teachers) participate in our running program, reinforcing our belief in fitness, perseverance and the importance of self-esteem. We aim to engage parents in our sessions throughout the year.

We provide all children with a minimum of 135 minutes of physical activity a week. We have embedded Activate (a music and movement programme) throughout the school. Our P.E. curriculum teaches essential skills in athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor and adventure activities. A diverse range of after school clubs are run by experienced coaches and staff – football, netball, zumba, gymnastics, kickboxing, cricket and hockey are popular extra-curricular activities.

Recently, we celebrated winning the football Collins Cup and for consecutive years, Westfield pupils have progressed to County cross country competitions. This year we have also been awarded the Sainsbury’s Silver Games Mark which demonstrates our commitment to P.E.

We have used government sports funding to create our running track, develop staff expertise, provide extra-curricular activities, employ Lunch Time Sports Coaches and provide workshops during Healthy Schools Week.

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