Learn, Play, Create, Collaborate and Enjoy!

At Westfield School we strive to cultivate a real enjoyment of music through active involvement in listening, appraising, composing and performing. Our central theme is percussion, particularly the djembe drum and bongos, which are taught in all year groups.

We aim to provide opportunities to link music with each class’s learning journey. Song writing plays a major part in this: children compose melodies and write lyrics using rhyming couplets and their own vivid imaginations! During the year children perform to the school and wider community and also get the opportunity to attend music workshops and performances.

Modern music software has enabled high-quality recordings to be made at school and we utilise these resources to the full. Children are able to create their own compositions, demonstrating their understanding of song structure and form, and we are then able to produce CDs of these masterpieces!


Music Curriculum Map