School Council

At Westfield School we want to consider the views of pupils on matters that affect them and work together to ensure their ideas are listened to and shared. We are able to do this in a variety of ways and our school council is one way we do this.

In this section we hope to tell you a bit about the school council and update you on any events that we run throughout the year.

Who is in the school council?

           Year One –  Isabelle and Oscar

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             Year Two – Kessia and Toby

  DSC02822 (Custom)  DSC02821 (Custom)

       Year Three – Arthur

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        Year Four – Grace and James

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   Year Five – Alisha and Owen

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Year Six – Poppy  and Rider

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What is the school council?

Two children from year groups 1-6 come together to form the school council. The school council represent the voice of the pupils and are responsible for raising concerns of their peers. The school council, who are supported by Mrs Pocock, then make decisions to act on the issues and ideas raised.

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What do we do?

The children will share class concerns and generate ideas for school initiatives, then after the meetings they will feedback to their class.  They may also have opportunities to carry out surveys across the school, make decisions about winners of any competitions, write comments for the school newsletter and be asked to show visitors around the school.

When do we meet?
The school council will meet termly with Mrs Pocock on a Tuesday at 2.45pm in the library. They will meet for half an hour.

Last year, the school council worked hard on various projects but the most significant and inspiring has been the introduction and installation of our Run a Mile track. This was installed last summer, August 2016; it has been a welcomed addition to the school’s health and fitness regime. Each class uses the track at least once a week and many classes have invited their parents to run the mile. Our year 2 class even celebrated the end of their holy festival work with a colour run.

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