Healthy School Week

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This week is always great fun for children and adults alike!

During our annual Healthy School Week we highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle through hands-on experiences and fun activities.

The children learn about healthy diets and what makes a tasty and nutritious meal. For example, they might make fruit kebabs and stir-fries and everyone gets the chance to take part in a healthy lunchbox competition with prizes awarded for the healthiest lunch.

They also get the chance to try a range of physical activities to show them different ways to keep fit. This was the range of activities this year:

  • a street-dance workshop with top street-dance crew TTA
  • a countryside ramble with their class
  • getting their parents to join in with Activate on the playground
  • a sponsored bounce

Of course, the highlight of the week is Sports’ Day where the children get to showcase their athletic abilities: on your marks, get set…GO!