Chinese New Year

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What a way to start a new year! The children came to school dressed in red and found that the school had been decorated with Chinese New Year decorations. We then spent the whole day immersing ourselves in this festival.

We found out about some of the traditions associated with this festival, including the custom of giving ‘lucky packets’ that are filled with money. We also learnt that houses are adorned with red decorations in order to scare away the monster, Nian, after he awakens from his long winter sleep.

The children heard some of the stories associated with this festival and the older children carried out research to find out what animal they were in the Chinese zodiac. There was a rumour that mysterious, dancing dragons had been seen in KS1. Surely that can’t be true…

Some of us were lucky enough to try traditional Chinese food – mmm! Delicious!

Everyone got the opportunity to participate in a Chinese music lesson. They learnt about traditional Chinese instruments and listened to these being played. Then they used percussion instruments to accompany a piece of Chinese music.

At this time of year the Chinese people wish each other a happy new year. In Cantonese this is said as ‘Gung hay fat choy’ and some of us tried to write this in Chinese characters. This is also the time of year to make wishes for your friends and family and we did this too, tying our wishes around the school for our family and friends to share at the end of the day.