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Welcome to Reception Class


Amanda Cook is the class teacher and our 2 teaching assistants are Joanna Roberts and Jill Jones.

At the end of each school day, a board will be situated outside the classroom outlining all the activities we have enjoyed.A relaxed chat on the way home is a great opportunity for the children to think about what they have learnt that day!

We encourage children to read daily at home- you are always welcome to help your child change their reading books at the end of the day.

PE is on Tuesday afternoons. (PE bags can be left at school for the term – please make sure everything is labelled). It is easier for the children if they have clothes that are simple for them to get on and off- we usually keep on our white polo shirts. We will also be running the weekly mile early on Tuesday morning- please have some old trainers in a plastic bag (kept in  PE bags) for the children to change into.Rob Greig will  take the children for music on Wednesday afternoons. The class will also attend the Celebration/Head Teacher’s assembly on Friday and Monday mornings.

We do not encourage toys in school but children can bring in books to share (please label them), photographs and drawings/writing. We do not introduce ‘Golden Time’ until Term 6.

In the mornings, we find it helps the children to settle and learn the routine if they come in on their own. If you have any problems, concerns or just want to know how your child is getting on, please come and speak to us. Mornings can be a bit rushed but we will be around at lunch times and available after the school day finishes if you want longer to chat.

Please let us know if you have an hour or so a week and would like to help with gardening, reading or if you are interested in helping in class (grandparents welcome too!). You will need to obtain a DBS form from the school office.

Don’t forget you do need to let us know if anyone other than you is picking up your child.

We look forward to an exciting fun-packed year!Remember to read our termly letters outlining children’s learning, details of play and stay sessions and educational visits.

Amanda Cook – Reception class teacher.