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Our School Garden

This is the area where the children learn to recognise and grow all things edible. It is a time when they can have fun as they garden. Sometimes it is a release for any frustrations they may have and allows them the time to chat to each other as they dig.

If the weather is kind to us, and the growing year has been good, they get the chance to sample some of the things they have grown. This helps them identify different fruits and vegetables and taste the results. They learn about the importance of beneficial insects for pollinating our crops and the best flowers for attracting them. We also look at pests in the garden and learn about different ways to deal with them. Last year we even saw a grass snake!

We also have a small herb garden and the children love sniffing these and becoming familiar with their different uses – both medicinal and culinary. A Year One child recently explained, without prompting, what a bouquet garni is, including the herbs that comprise it. Most impressive!

In conclusion, none of this would work without the children’s enthusiasm and the fact that they always want to take part shows how worthwhile it is to get them out into the garden!